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Prep your Backpack, gear up and taste the consequences of your actions!

Luckie isn’t a spelling mistake.

Arcadia Tenebra is a heavily story-driven mystery adventure RPG board game in which every player assumes the role of investigator and tries to stop a serial killer before The Blood Moon rises. The story takes place in the 19th century fictional land of Arcadia Tenebra, a remote province of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire bordering with the Ottoman Empire. This godforsaken borderland is a strange place where the technological wonders of the bright new era clash with the ancient powers and savage customs.

It goes without mention: path is difficult, enemies are fierce and cunning, obstacles rise from both inside and outside… Besides, the Fate in Arcadia Tenebra often has a sense of dark humor. There’s a bit of a weird streak to this game – and this is not only because of its pop-culture references or its alternate history set in a rather unusual part of Europe – but because of its playable characters, too. They are all antiheroes.

Are you willing to walk in antihero’s shoes and try to solve a crime and (maybe) save your soul? If the answer’s yes – Arcadia Tenebra welcomes you!



60-240 MIN

AGE 16+

Arcadia Tenebra play board


Arcadia Tenebra is a role play board game that puts you in the shoes (if you are in muddy Arcadia, more likely the boots) of a murder investigator. Your first quest is to find three Clues and bring them to the Chief of Police. This might give you impression that Arcadia Tenebra is some kind of Sherlock-Holmes-deduction-game similar to Cluedo. Well, it’s not. Arcadia Tenebra is a full-blooded role play game where you guide your playable character through the perils of exploring Arcadia Tenebra as you search for Clues. Yes, you are asked for help in solving a case of serial murders – but you are not a detective. You just give your best – to help. Sort of… ?



Combat time! Arcadia Tenebra is swarming with Creatures who seek to kill you, maim you, or drive you mad. The game’s setting is built upon a rather unique mixture of rational and mythological worlds, which is mirrored in the array of Creatures your character will encounter: humans and beasts of all sorts, along with monsters from the other side of the reason.

In Arcadia Tenebra, combat is everything but slow. Rules are intuitive and promote the fast pace. Also, you’re not expected to stop roleplaying while fighting the Creatures – on the contrary!  Strategize and dare! The other players won’t be idly sitting while you’re on the warpath – as they will assume the roles of monsters playing against you. These fiends come in several classes: there are Creatures of two levels e.g. tiers. And there are those who dwell Across The Border, rather unworldly beings: sometimes cringy or nightmarish, at other times dangerously seductive.  Still, depending on your chosen PC and his/her peculiar biography and other characteristics, some Creatures will have more or less or no combat impact at all.

Learn more from our Rulebook’s Combat Section.

Karakondjula from Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game
Equipment in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game


In Arcadia Tenebra, everything that isn’t a weapon, consumable or apparel – but can be still carried around – is considered to be a Trinket. However, a valuable one. Most of the time…

Trinkets are things that you carry around. To most people, they look like useless garbage. But you know better! Whether it’s it umbrella, ring, trumpet-like gadget, specs, neckless, metal turtle, scarf, weird backpack, silver pebble, shiny whistle, rusty bracelet, space coil, crystal cat statue, ragged doll, dry pen, or a bulky mobile AC/DC transformer you’ve been dragging around, you know very well it will come handy. Sooner or later.