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Parenting in Arcadia Tenebra


Wedlock or not, in Arcadia Tenebra you might end up with a baby, out of the blue. Baby isn’t yours, that’s for sure, but you’re stuck with it. Like forever.

Forget the nice outfitted nurseries, disposable sanitary napkins, babysitters, or kindergartens. You’re on your own and have to drag baby along, wherever you go, and in Arcadia, this means to the hell and back.

That’s right, you’ve earned yourself a permanent companion unless you can find someone that will adopt the little one.

So, what good can the Baby be in Combat? You’d be surprised. As now you’re a single mother or a father, you will simply have to explore and enjoy all the wonders of parenthood. for example, you get to organize an obligatory baby shower that will fill your backpack with other players’ items. And you’re entitled to a Godfather or a Godmother that will have to assist you in the actions of your choice. Not so bad, is it?

Happy parenting!