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Chief of Police Maynarich

Chief of Police Maynarich

Ever since he legally snatched his brother’s plot at Cleared Land, his sleep has been impaired. A fact he ascribes to a demanding job of keeping Locals within the confines of (local) decency. This job usually comes down to beating a few local ruffians on weekends, along with occasional solving of cases involving missing hams, lost cattle, or even their owners, who often end up in the jaws of various beastly animals or some dangerous mountain chasm.

Years have taken their toll and Chief’s stomach is now a round ball, his cheeks rosy. This bothers neither Mrs. Maynarich nor the employees of the Brothel.

Blessed by the peasant’s cunningness and the unmistakable instinct for being in the right place at right time earned Maynarich a position of Chief Police. This also included a bit of intimidating the competitors and licking up the asses of his superiors in Agram.

Life was almost perfect until the series of murders came along. He refuses to call them rituals, just as he refuses to remember something similar that happened when he was a little boy or that older people recall such events from the Olden Times. He ascribes murders to either beasts or Turks, convincing Locals everything gonna be just fine.

A few peasant daughters and sons more or less, who cares?


SLY AS A FOX: You have a -2 ROLL if you try to Outsmart or Charm him.

FEARLESS IN OFFICE: You may roll only once to Intimidate him. If you fail, Maynarich will summon Gendarmes who will put you in jail, to calm down and clear your head a bit. You skip 1 round.