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Banzaga weapon from Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

The Companions in Arcadia The Dark are a mixed bag. Animals, non-corporeal forces, humans, even machines. They arrive as a darkly humorous penalty for your misdeeds or occasional mischiefs, such as in the case of your own Doppelganger or a character that goes by the name Lazy Ass. Companions also pop up as the bonuses for your wins or due to the sheer blind luck that sometimes strikes players in Arcadia Tenebra. Some of those are heartbreakingly loyal, like Cur. Others have dark-willed power of their own, like Bubo Bubo Eagle Owl. And like any other place in this universe of ours, Arcadia Tenebra isn’t immune to the time-space warps – so you could quite easily meet T-1800 Terminator whose time coordinates got scrambled.
With Companions, both God and Devil are in the details. They will come handy in every combat, even if they stink like hell, or keep you on the edge of a nervous breakdown or simply annoy you all the time. Companions make all the Combat strategies extra fun. Though you’ll be definitely happy to get rid of some of them. Eventually 🙂