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Combat time! Arcadia Tenebra is swarming with Creatures who look to kill you, maim you, or drive you mad. The game’s setting is built upon a rather unique mixture of rational and mythological worlds, which is mirrored in the array of Creatures your character will encounter: humans and beasts of all sorts, along with monsters from the other side of the reason.

In Arcadia Tenebra, combat is everything but slow. Rules are intuitive and promote the fast pace. Also, you’re not expected to stop roleplaying while fighting the Creatures – on the contrary!  Strategize and dare! The other players won’t be idly sitting while you’re on the warpath – as they will assume the roles of monsters playing against you. These fiends come in several classes: there are Creatures of two levels e.g. tiers. And there are those who dwell Across The Border, rather unworldly beings: sometimes cringy or nightmarish, at other times dangerously seductive.  Still, depending on your chosen PC and his/her peculiar biography and other characteristics, some Creatures will have more or less or no combat impact at all.

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