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Cur is companion in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game


Cur is one of the Companions you can acquire in Arcadia Tenebra. It smells bad.

Cur is an excellent companion in the early part of the game and quite useful during the mid-game. However, you must pay attention to the late game since you won’t be able to purchase another companion while you are accompanied by Cur because you can get rid of him only on Imperial Road. So, timely riddance of Cur may be of importance. And the air will be sweeter too.


Dusty road. A huge, filthy dog runs into you, merrily waving his tail. He demonstrates a total delight by jumping all over you. Not to mention his big slimy tongue licking your face. “Get lost!” You’re trying to push him away, but Cur pays no attention to your unkindness. Animal’s friendly demeanour eventually melts your cold heart and, soon enough, you’re caressing his big dirty head and stomach, affectionately mumbling, “OMG, you stink like hell, you mongrel!” Cur decides to accompany you wherever you go, snarling and barking at anyone who even dares to give you a cross look. You are thankful to have such a loyal companion, despite the animal’s unbearable stink. Due to his aggression and disgusting scent, you have a penalty on Charisma, but you’ve gained a true brother in arms.



Special abilities

Wet dog: Somehow Cur always stinks like he is wet. You have -3 CHA.

Stubborn: Cur follows you around at all times and can be driven away only on Imperial Road.