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If you play Arcadia Tenebra and you choose Dilara Tilki as your PC, you will become a natural force of Beauty, for better or for worse. Dilara’s powers are not your usual suspects, such as guns, knives, fists, or cunningness… That is because by choosing to play as Dilara you will be able to blow away your opponents simply by dancing and singing. No magic included.

Mara’s paralyzing, breathtaking beauty and heavenly voice make even the toughest among men fall to their knees. Any heart of steel and stone melts in her presence. People beg to serve her, an opportunity she always uses to her advantage. Of any kind. To cut a long story short: Dilara hurts people without a bullet fired. Her charisma is such that people fall apart and break down as she speaks, literally.

Johnny, one of our core team members, often chooses Dilara as his playable character: “I love playing as Dilara since she is like a life force that leaves no one indifferent. I cannot exactly put my finger on whether she’s just deeply damaged or a little bit of a sociopath (laughter) or simply a naive and playful person who doesn’t even realize how manipulative she is, but still… What a power! I simply love dancing away all those rogue monsters, big tough guys and huge beasts, even mythological creatures. I suppose if Dilara was malevolent she would be something like Sauron‘s wife, you know, The Bride of Evil 🙂 But she’s not, and she’s still deadly as they come. Total fun!”

You can learn many things about Dilara from her Player Board. And even more by simply playing as her. Here are a few details that didn’t make it to the game box. Besides the scandalous trail left in her wake on Sultan’s court in Istanbul, not much is known about Dilara. The intelligence gathered on her so far claims she was born in March, probably twenty years ago, in a place called Visoko in Bosnia – which makes her the youngest of all the game’s playable characters.  As she was moving around Ottoman and Austrian-Hungarian Empire, effortlessly bewitching people of all ages and sexual orientations, various testimonies concerning her emerged. Reportedly, she caused one young Sufi from Visoko to commit suicide simply by dancing around him. His farewell letter quoted Rumi: “Dance when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”  Apparently, on the day of the unfortunate youngster’s funeral Dilara Tilki was in the largest han in the area, and was overheard while talking to a Grand Vizier’s special emissary. “I never spent a dime in my life. I didn’t have to. People are so generous! When I come to think of it, I’d say all of humanity is my loving family.” So far, nobody has come close to explaining why Dilara came to Arcadia Tenebra and joined the murder investigation. Creators of the game hope, you, the Player, will be able to answer this question.