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Dilara Tilki

Dilara Tilki is the playable character in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Dilara Tilki

If you play Arcadia Tenebra and you choose Dilara Tilki as your PC you will become a natural force of Beauty, for better or for worse. Her powers are not your usual suspects like, you know, guns, knives, fists and cunningness… That is because you are now able to blow away your opponents simply by dancing and singing. No magic included.

Your paralyzing, breathtaking beauty and heavenly voice makes even the toughest among men fall to their knees. Each and every heart of steel and stone melt in your presence. People beg to serve you, an opportunity you always use to your own advantage. Of any kind. To cut a long story short: you hurt people without a bullet fired. Your charisma is such that people fall apart and break down, as you speak (literally).

Johnny, one of our core team members, often chooses Dilara as his playable character: “I love playing as Dilara since she is like a life force that leaves no one indifferent. I can’t exactly put my finger on whether she’s just deeply damaged or a little bit of sociopath (laughter) or simply a totally naive and playful person who doesn’t even realize how manipulative she is, but still… What a power! I simply love dancing away all those rogue monsters, big tough guys and huge beasts, even mythological creatures. I suppose if Dilara was malevolent she would be something like Sauron‘s wife, you know, The Bride of Evil 🙂 But she’s not, and she’s still deadly as they come. Total fun!”

I suppose if Dilara was malevolent she would be something like Sauron’s wife, you know, The Bride of Evil 🙂

Djordje “Johnny” Dokmanovic

special abilities


Your kidnappers, the Janissaries, fought to death for the honor of handing you to the Sultan. As for the Sultan, the moment he laid his eyes on you he realized the danger you present. Therefore, he hid you in the harem’s deepest chambers, allowing no one but his wives and mute maids to visit you. Before long, all of them came to worship you. Their enchantment was brought to Sultan’s attention. On your 17th birthday, he invited you to his bedroom and that was his ruin. Soon you were set free and showered with generous gifts. Three days after you left Sultan hanged himself. Your supernatural beauty, your inexhaustible grace and your melodious speech tame even the wildest of beasts. Each and every heart of steel and stone melts in your presence. People beg to serve you, an opportunity you always use to your own advantage. Of any kind.

Starting statistics

POWER:                  11
CHARISMA             17
ATTACK:                  2 (+1 knife)
DAMAGE:                 1 (+1 knife)


There’s absolutely nothing to add or take away from either your body or your face. If there is such a thing as the perfect beauty, your physical appearance comes dangerously close to it.


Early on, you learned how to use others’ reactive emotional patterns in order to get what you want. Still, in a twist of fate, your outstanding emotional intelligence never touched your heart. You are a living proof that emotional intelligence does not equal empathy. You can come across as the most endearing creature, only to become a merciless executioner in the very next moment. Whatever you do, human hearts either melt or break. The only thing that can touch you is the clear, starry night sky. Yet, you cannot stare at the vault of heaven long, because you feel as if it pours into your chest and your very soul, and that – if you do not look away – you will explode into nothing. As to your other preferences, you love to dance around massive columns, huge trees, polished bars and stoics.


During your harem days, you converted to Islam, studied Qur’an and learned many Holy Book’s paragraphs by heart and yet your relation to the Almighty remained rather sketchy. While you were a slave, you prayed and prostrated every day, a practice which you abandoned the moment you were set free. These days, you have no more time slots for the Almighty, since now you are totally occupied with provoking sighs and bending the emotional space around you. Though, from time to time, you feel the stars calling upon you.

Player board