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Do you feel Luckie, punk?

Garment in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Do you feel Luckie, punk?

Prep your Backpack, gear up and taste the consequences of your actions!

Luckie isn’t a spelling mistake.

Luckie(s) is the name for a deck of cards from which everyone can draw as much as possible. Unluckies, on the other hand, well, you know… are not that desirable.

A rule for drawing from both of these decks is simple. When you succeed in something, you draw a Luckie card. When you don’t, you draw an Unluckie card.

These decks function as the rewards for success or as a punishment for failure. Luckies and Unluckies decks are the substitutions for loot, trade and event decks. Besides, they act as the story and lore fillers. To cut a long story short: they are karma decks. 🙂 In a way.

They tell you what you get for your deeds. They also tell you what is happening with your character in between your own turns, while other players are playing. They tell you a story about your playable character while camera is looking on the other side, when spotlights are on somebody else. That actual story may turn even funnier than the main narrative. 🙂

However, besides this funny part, those cards actually serve to speed you up or to slow you down on your quest of stopping the insane murderer.

Types of Luckies/Unluckies

Both decks comprise Equipment (Weapons, Apparel, and Trinkets), Consumables (Drinks or Food), Traits, Events, and Companions cards.

Here are a few examples:

If they are Luckies, you can choose to equip them or not. If they are Unluckies, you do not have that choice. Almost all of Unluckie cards can be unequipped after resting in Hotel. As to the rest, well… you can either play with them or go on a quest, in order to get rid of them. The exception to both of those rules are Unluckie Trait cards, which can only be replaced with Luckie Trait cards. You know, just resting doesn’t change the way you are. Otherwise, every morning we would be waking up as somebody else. 🙂

Weapons, Apparel, Trinkets, and Consumables are tradeable cards. You can trade them in shops or with other players. You may even trade Unluckies if there is someone who wants to buy them. Or, you can purchase them from the pile of discarded Unluckies. You can trade with other players any time in between turns. In this way, you can easily build up your playing character to be quite powerful. But, never forget: any newly drawn Unluckie will always force you to remove one of the equipped Luckie cards of the same type.

A playable character can be equipped with only one card of the same type and can have up to five tradeable cards stored in Backpack. If you have more than five cards, you must discard them by putting them in the used-up pile of cards that acts as Shop.


If you want to use Shop, you must visit one and spend one turn in trading. Once in Shop, you may search through the pile of used cards and choose which cards you want to purchase. If you find some to your liking, you have to return the same amount of your cards back to the used cards’ pile and take the ones you want to purchase. The exemption from this last rule are the unique tradeable cards, marked with a star in their upper right corner. They can be traded for two regular cards. The game offers more trade options with other cards (Tesla, Clues). If you are interested in more trading, check Trade post.

There’s quite a lot of Luckie and Unluckie cards: 130 in total! They make sure that every game match becomes a unique gaming experience. We strongly believe it is impossible to play two exact matches of the Arcadia Tenebra board game. However, if you succeed in doing that – please let us know.

We may have some surprise present for you!

Not necessarily from the Luckies deck. 🙂