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Luckies & Unluckies decks in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game


You are quite satisfied that the world has taken the care to produce two of you. Yeah, you’ve heard the stories on doppelgangers being the harbingers of bad luck, but you don’t care. Sometimes you vaguely recall the folk tales about “double goer” being the ghostly double of you who lived before you, but you instantly reject it as mere superstition. Your evil twin from the underworld? Omen of death? An abomination of nature, planting sinister ideas in your mind? Phew. You have plenty of those anyway.

This doppelganger walks, acts, talks, and dresses like you. What’s’ not to like?

Besides being the spitting image of yourself, s/he agrees to help you with the investigation. Suddenly, everyone is satisfied with your speed and efficiency. You like what you see, and you love how it feels. So, you go with the flow. Copy, paste, tuck in the bonuses. Next, please.

Until, one day, you discover your life is not your anymore, as your clever copy begins impersonating you where s/she shouldn’t. All of a sudden s/he is fickle and not-that-loyal in the combat. Turns out the only way to get rid of this menace is to – just like in the stories of old – to kill him/her.

Can you do it?

Do you even want to? 🙂