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Innkeeper Maynarich

Inkeeper of Wolf's Head in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Innkeeper Maynarich

Innkeeper Maynarich is one of the non-playable characters (NPC’s) you’ll meet in Arcadia Tenebra. He may appear harsh but he’s actually a good man.

You’ll probably meet Innkeeper Maynarich at the very beginning of your adventure. He’s the owner of Wolf’s Head, the only pub in Arcadia where outsiders are welcome. Welcome in the Arcadian way, of course. This means they are almost welcome. Well, that’s something – isn’t it? If you are nice to him, you’ll get the opportunity to raise your reputation among Locals by buying them a round or two. This may become handy when you’re traveling or when trying to obtain the next Clue. However, while in his presence, never mention his brother the Chief of Police (yeah, the guy that send you to him in the first place) because they’re not on talking terms. It seems that Chief of Police legally stole his land. Yes, legally. One more thing: Innkeeper has a black belt in Judo. No one knows how or when he became the master  of that ancient Japanese martial art, but everyone knows that nobody starts a fight in Wolf’s Head. Unless one wants to spend several weeks in the hospital healing the disjointed ligaments and joints. Probably this is the main reason why outsiders are (almost) welcome in his pub.


Wolf’s Head is his head too. This is where he spends all of his time, practically never leaving the place. Regardless of his agoraphobia, he knows more about the outer world than anyone else. Alcohol looses up tongues and makes people yearn for an attentive ear. And Maynarich is more than a good listener. He often uses his fat, hairy forearms to wipe the wet tables. His guests do not mind such habit since the lack of electric light means his surplus of arm hair is not visible. More than once his guests heard him shout “Fuck Tesla!“ somewhere in the pub’s smoky interior. He also had a long-going feud over some piece of land with his own brother, Police Chief Maynarich and, therefore doesn’t want to see his sibling’s face again. Ever.


POW 13
INT 12
CHA 12

Special Abilities

Judoist: -3 ROLL if you try to Intimidate him.

Special services

Be popular: You can always return to Wolf’s Head and upbeat your reputation by paying the rounds of drinks for the regulars. (Discard 1 tradeable Luckie and gain +3 CHA. Stackable.)