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Saver or Spender?

Well, it doesn’t matter, because in Arcadia Tenebra you can decide as you go! There’s plenty of equipment – weapons, trinkets, and garments you can collect or trade with.

One more thing: they’re not stashed in a single deck. You will get your equipment when you draw Unluckies, Luckies or Tesla’s Prototypes, even Special cards.

In the true Arcadian spirit, these items are often a combination of deadly and funny. Sure, there’s plenty of cold arms, explosives, gas containers, and certain meticulously handcrafted firearms. Some are straight out of the museum, but you might find an alien blaster here and there. As to the garments – they’re not your usual fashion accessories, as most of them are going to make someone suffer. And there are trinkets, things that you carry around. To most people, they look like useless garbage. But you know better! Whether it’s umbrella, ring, trumpet-like gadget, specs, neckless, metal turtle, scarf, weird backpack, silver pebble, shiny whistle, rusty bracelet, space coil, crystal cat statue, ragged doll, dry pen, or a bulky mobile AC/DC transformer you’ve been dragging around, you can bet it will come handy. Sooner or later.

Weapon in Arcadia Tenebra RPG borad game


This murder investigation demands more than your cunning shrewdness, it demands an entire arsenal. Take your pick among rifles, flint-guns, muskets, guns, canes, blades, swords, knives, knuckles, whips, special combat gloves, explosive devices, and much more.
In Arcadia Tenebra Weapons are not stashed under a single deck but are scattered among Unluckies and Luckies, which means they are double-edged. All are hand-crafted. Some come from the times past and some, like Tesla Prototypes or Alien Blaster (because every decent RPG has to have one), are straight from the future. Those will be helpful once your gaming adventure takes you across the border into the supernatural world. We’re quite sure you’ll find a few mythical weapons of mass destruction as well.
In Arcadia Tenebra, every PC is specialized in using at least one type of weapon. Some PCs specialize in two types. This closely reflects their respective special abilities, for which reason weapon can be used to max up your role-playing, which is a move that is always rewarded in this game. For this reason, you’ll even find mention of particular PCs on certain weapon cards. Weapons can be traded with other Players or bought in several places throughout the game.
Some weapons will cause extra DMG to Creatures that suffer from Weakness regarding a certain type of DMG: Fire, Cold, Poison, Electrical, Emotional.


You can have almost anything in your life if you dress for it. Arcadian garments stick to a simple principle: dress to kill or to be killed. Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. Therefore, some will simply protect you from the weather or make you stronger and nimbler. The other will make you brighter or invisible, and some will make you clumsy or laughable, depending on your luck. From hats smeared in the secretion of Tasmanian tiger’s gonads to suspension boots, from armors and helmets to the latest fancies launched in Empire’s capital, all the garments will make you rethink your Combat strategies. Some garments deal with special types of damages and some can be unequipped only in certain places on the Map. Almost every Garment is tradeable. Anyway, with all the sinister forces lurking around, you don’t want to walk around in your birthday suit. If you’re going to be an Arcadian fashionista, make no mistake: Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today!

Gamrent in Arcadia Tenebra RPG borad game
Trinket in Arcadta Tenebra RPG borad game

What can I use Trinkets for?

For many things, actually.

Trinkets may protect you, make you quicker, stronger, smarter or prettier. Some of them may be used to upgrade your weapon or allow you to carry more stuff or to pick locks with ease. Some can come very handy in Combat: deal splash damage to your opponents, immobilize them for a short period of time or crush them even when Lady Luck turns her back on you. And, in combination with other Luckies or Unluckies, some Trinkets may even change your playable character for good!

It isn’t always clear how Trinkets work, but you don’t care as long as they serve you well. And most of them do that most of the time. However, there is a small number of Trinkets that are not so useful. You’re guessing right: the Unluckie ones. To make things even worse, if you happen to get yourself an Unluckie Trinket while you carry Luckie one, you’ll have to discard that Luckie one and equip Unluckie.

Yeah, life isn’t always fair in Arcadia Tenebra.

To be honest, life is mostly unfair in Arcadia Tenebra. ?

Where can Trinkets be found?
They can be found all over Arcadia Tenebra.

As you explore Arcadia Tenebra, you will inevitably come upon Trinkets, gaining them as a result of your good or bad deeds. Also, Trinkets can be purchased in Shops. Since Trinkets are tradeable, they can be traded between players or they can be offered to specific NPC’s in exchange for information or service. If you can’t find any use for particular Trinkets, you can always take them to Tesla and exchange two of those for one of his spectacular prototypes.

How many Trinkets can I have equipped?
One, of course. ?

There’s the rule of one in Arcadia Tenebra: you may always have equipped only one piece of equipment of the same type, no matter whether it is Luckie or Unluckie, or something in between. The exemption to that rule are Trinkets that you may bring to Tesla in order to upgrade your weapon. In that case, Trinket is placed under the weapon and is treated as a part of that same weapon. That allows you to equip another Trinket in Trinkets’ empty slot. When you discard or trade this upgraded weapon, you also lose Trinket that you’ve originally used to upgrade your weapon.

Trinkets are not to be easily discarded only because they look silly or have a funny name. They are, actually, the essential part of every true adventurer’s equipment and sometimes mean the difference between life and death. So, keep an eye on them when you are out there, adventurer!