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Female characters in Arcadia Tenebra


Arcadia Tenebra is an RPG board game with a bit of a weird streak. And this is not only because of its pop-culture references or its alternate history set in a rather unusual part of Europe – but because of its playable characters, too.

They are all antiheroes. And antiheroines, of course.

That’s it.

If you loved Vanessa IvesRustin “Rust” CohleLorraine BroughtonRorcharchRick Deckard, or Lisbeth Salander, to name a few, and secretly wanted to be more like them… Arcadia Tenebra welcomes you!


We like our characters strong. And flawed 🙂

If you choose to play Arcadia Tenebra as a female character, that is antiheroine, prepare to embody – to say at least – a complicated biography and the accompanying set of traits, skills, and specializations.

Woman or man, you’re not here for romance, that’s for sure: you’re here to resolve a series of strange and gruesome murders that threaten to destabilize peace between the mighty empires. And remember, it’s the 19th century. Times are tough. Old and ancient forces are battling against the new world of machines and reason.

Your allegiances? Dubious or at least hidden. Can you use weapons? By all means, yes! Unless you play as someone who is such a force of nature, as DilaraTilki, you might opt for combat without weapons, as you find them too coarse. 🙂

How you navigate the game and team up or against other players is totally up to you. Whether you’re a sneaky spy and assassin, like deadly-nimble Mina Coco Minsky, or an aristocrat turned no-hold-barred adventurer like baroness Hilda von Blutenstein or a witchy Mara that is rumored to enjoy unnatural or even abhorrent longevity, just roleplay to the maximum!

Our gallery of female characters has one hidden ace – Aydan Bahar. This shy yet resourceful orphan turned free agent and can play both as herself or her (dead, of course) fiancée Klaus Croy who comes with a completely different set of skills and strengths.

Game mechanics of Arcadia Tenebra encourage and reward roleyplaying. You might be cunning or manipulative or charming or downright physical and cruel, sneaky, or generous… It’s up to your roleplaying. 

Whatever and whomever you choose to play as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop your character and story. However, all our characters – male or female, young or old – face certain dangers. There are certain points and twists in the game where you can lose your personality and become someone else, taken by the Game itself. Or, you can even cross to the dark side, never to return. Fate in Arcadia often has a sense of dark humor. Not for the faint of heart 🙂