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Hilda von Blutenstein

Hilda ia a playable character in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Hilda von Blutenstein

Ever since we set out on the path of creating this game, we were blessed by our test players, who gave us priceless feedback not only regarding the playing mechanisms and other features but also regarding the PCs. That said, it turned out that Hilda von Blütenstein is among the most popular characters in Arcadia Tenebra. Must be something with boys…

Hilda has a penchant for young boys and firearms.

She’s also not a stranger to exotic intoxicants, as absinthe is her drug of choice. Despite being trigger-happy, this Austrian baroness and adventurer is not your next-door Calamity Jane, as she moves with the same ease around the European courts and in the darkest corners of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. An aristocrat who loves hanging around gypsy camps as much as she appreciates any fine Viennese brothel or salon.

In many ways, Hilda von Blütenstein is the embodiment of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. She is polite and diplomatic only if it serves her purpose, otherwise she’s deadly.  Her virtues are the Empire’s features, and same goes for her demons. She seamlessly internalized all the Empire’s decadence, seizing and grabbing every hedonistic opportunity coming her way without any regard for the conformist morals. No wonder, as she was born for the role: proven by her body mark.

Last but not least, Hilda believes life is but a game 🙂

special abilities


You are an Austrian baroness and adventurer. Your most famous feat includes flying over Alps in zeppelin and landing at St. Marco square in Venice on the eve of Venetian-Austrian war, as a protest against recruiting the soldiers under 16. This enterprise got you arrested but your connections at high places secured your swift release. Rather strangely, the end of your peace-making efforts coincided with a disappearance of famous jewel called Doge’s Tear. It is worth mentioning that you are a patroness of Vienna Boys’ Choir. You arrived to Arcadia in search of Knabe (German: “Little Boy”): your favorite three-barrel rifle which you’ve lost during the private party organized at the occasion of Milan Boys’ Choir visiting Vienna Boys Choir. On your left buttock, you have a distinctive bodily mark in a form of beloved Habsburg k.u.k. Monarchy. Your insatiable appetite for young men is equaled only by your love of absinthe.

Starting statistics

POWER:                  14
CHARISMA             12
ATTACK:                  2 (+1 rifle / pistol)
DAMAGE:                 1 (+1 rifle / pistol)


You physique resembles that of a swimmer. You are 33 years old and 171 cm high. Your long blonde hair is braided and tucked into a bun. Though you have muscular legs and your wide shoulders make your breasts appear smaller, you proudly boast an hourglass figure. Your favorite headwear is a leather wide brim hat. Your trademark dress code includes leather trousers and leather boots, along with a pair of two-barrel pistols, charged and tucked under your waist.


Nobody fails to notice when you enter a room, yet everyone remains silent. If there is a catcaller, you either ignore him or respond with a witty remark. If that doesn’t prove enough, the author of comment soon bites the greased barrel of your two-barrel pistol. You always look straight into people’s eyes, appearing to see their souls as well. All your acquaintances think of you as warm and funny. Everyone else avoids you at all costs. You nourish a special affection for the young males, whom you spit and chew as an accomplished man-eater. You’re a true adventurer, who believes life’s one big game. You seize and grab it, literally following your motto: Carpe diem!


Rejecting the Catholic upbringing you embraced the rational worldview and still remained somewhat superstitious. You always carry a rabbit’s foot in your pocket, never return home the same way you left it and spit three times when spotting a black cat crossing your path. You believe hallucinations caused by ingesting Green Witch speak tones of your past and future, but you cannot exactly fathom these messages. You often visit Gypsy Caravan and consult with Old Gjanna the Seer.

Player board