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Whatever you might hear about his endgame, the cunning Jabir ibn Yazid came to Arcadia for reasons known to him alone.

“In times of recession, it’s not wise to argue about the price of gold.” Many near-east and European dignitaries and rulers have heard Jabir Ibn Yazid uttering those words before reaching for their wallets. Or a chest full of coins, whatever. Widely recognized as one of the greatest living Muslim alchemists, a claim which he regularly corrects as “The greatest living alchemist!” Jabir Ibn Yazid is known as a man whose intelligence is equaled only by his pride and vanity. Tall and wiry, perfectly groomed and elegant on every occasion, Jabir never misses a chance to estimate the value of things, information, or people, categorizing them as either unworthy of his time or as formidable opportunities. Adamant about his vegetarian diet and with hygienic habits bordering on hypochondriac, Jabir adores neatness and purity, even when in the middle of a desert storm or muddy Danube swamp, or rainy Arcadian forest. He never travels without his special alchemist set, a bag of wonders he jealously guards at all times.

Few people in the world enjoy a dose of Jabir’s respect, and one of those – unsurprisingly – is a great Arcadian inventor Nikola Tesla. So, when Sultan sends Jabir on a secret mission to Arcadia Tenebra, to seize some of the rumored Tesla’s secret electrical weapons, and perhaps solve those mysterious murders that threaten the peace between Empires, Jabir doesn’t hesitate. Certain European intelligence sources say the true reason he accepted the mission is to regain his stolen alchemical gem, Bensersiz, and that – whatever the circumstances  – Jabir is known to always play a game within a game within a game, prioritizing his own goals above any of his client’s requests.

Arcadia Tenebra, however, rubs Jabir the wrong way. The land is muddy and frozen. Locals adore treated meat and grappa. Worst of all is that nobody has ever heard of him. This forced anonymity vexes Jabir, but getting back his prized Bensersiz and perhaps obtaining some novel Tesla’s weapons could definitely ease his pains.