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When walking around Arcadia, you notice a small, redhead Venus, you better take your eyes off her attractive curves and mesmerizing green eyes – and look for hidden weapons. While you can.

As far as she could remember, Mina knew the life of poverty and modesty were not her piece of cake. When Jesuit pater Ignazio Valignano came to inspect Schottengymnasium, a catholic school for poor girls that was then home of little Mina, he took care to say the following to Mother Superior Octavia, Scholl’s headmasters: “Dear sister, I must commend you on how your run this educational establishment. However, Mother Church needs not only chaste seamstresses and pious nuns. The world is a cruel, ever-changing place, and we must use every resource, human or otherwise, to stay afloat. Therefore, you should pay more attention to children who possess other talents, such as that small redhead Mina and make sure they come to my employment when conditions became ripe. And, by all means, make sure they learn of this path before they leave school, which always happens prematurely with such kids. Do we have an understanding?”

Therefore, when Mina turned 15 and escaped the confining school walls, the headmistress raised no noise. Mina joined a cirque, where she soon earned fame as the star of an acrobatic burlesque, knowns as Coco’s Whips and Knives. Due to Mina’s dexterity and charisma, the show became so attractive that it was eventually taken over by Vienesse Cabaret Fledermouse, where it became a smashing hit among aristocrats.

However, during her time at the cirque, an event cemented all Mina’s future life choices. One afternoon, on her way to the next costume probe, Mina reluctantly entered a tent of Gianna the Seer, a famous gypsy fortune-teller who was hired by the cirque for a season. There, under a dim light of candles and rusty lanterns, old Gianna told her the words that changed her world, forever: “Swim like an eel, but never be one, because eels become accustomed to skinning.”

When elderly Count Kinsky – the last descendant of an aristocratic Czech and Austrian lineages – died soon after a scandalous marriage to Mina, a widowed redhead beauty of suspect origin faced a bleak prospect of a life spent in the pretense of demure mourning at Imperial Court. It took Mina a mere two hours to pack her suitcases and leave the foggy Imperial capital. In a matter of months, Ms. Kinsky was already hopping between European capitals, writing memorable travelogues for renowned magazines, in a range of gigs that perfectly covered her new profession that suited her multiple talents and inclinations much more: that of a Vatican spy. A devout catholic who never misses Sunday Mass, Mina regularly gives huge donations to charities and loves to engage in repentance that includes inflicting pain on herself and others. Preferably with ropes, wires, whips, and other tools and weapons that are flexible, pliable, and strong as herself.