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Mommy bear

Mommy Beas creature in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Mommy bear

It’s not recommendable to mess with this Tier 2 Creature. Bears are unicorns in comparison with their female counterparts with younglings. So, if you by any chance encounter Mommy Bear in Arcadia Tenebra’s wilderness, the best thing you can do is to choose the second part of the fight or flight option.


You woke up and decided to grill the rest of your sausages from your backpack, for that true Arcadian breakfast feel, when you noticed a baby bear right across your smoldering campfire. While your jaw dangled in surprise, another cub showed up from the grass. Your heart melted straight on your dirty boots. “Awwwwww…  Aren’t you cute??? You little sweet furballs…” Blinded by your melting heart, instead of chasing little bears away with rocks, you start luring them with sausages. You just want to give them proper cuddling they certainly deserve. Suddenly, the ground shakes and branches break. Mommy Bear appears out from the bushes. With a mighty roar, she rises on her rear feet, blocking your view on her offspring. It’s quite clear that flight is not an option anymore.


POW 12

special abilities

Protective: Attack first.

Fight to the last breath: When Mommy Bear’s POW drops below 8, she deals additional +2 DMG and +1 DMG on Critical hit.