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Murder of Crows

Crows from Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Murder of Crows

Murder of Crows are the first tier Creatures and you’ll probably encounter them early in the game. When you gear yourself up, they are not a threat but if you’re barehanded… Well, just take a good look at’em. 


Strolling down the path amidst a cut wheat field, you notice a crow. One that was cawing under your window the other day. “Even-steven!” you think as you throw a rock at her. Poor bird gets a fatal hit in the head and drops dead. You’re a bit rattled by this and yet, you feel satisfaction. “Caw this, you – pest – you!” You’re wondering how you managed to make such a clean kill and eventually come to a conclusion that a higher power is at work, though you doubt such forces exist. The very next moment your doubt is dispelled and you’re now sure the Devil Himself intervened, as you observe a huge Murder of Crows get airborne above the wheat filed. “Ah, these must be the relatives of the deceased crow,” you think to yourself.

Now you know exactly how Van Gogh felt when he painted that piece of his.



special abilities

Dive: Once in Combat they can dive straight onto one opponent and inflict 2 DMG.