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Playable characters in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

When we began creating the Game, Characters came the first, along with the basic setting. They were sketched in a matter of days, defining the mood of the entire game. From the very start, we wanted to create ample opportunities for what we call radical role-playing. Therefore we tried to make our Playable Characters as nuanced as possible, with plenty of biographic info and open-ends that suggest more skeletons in the closet and enable more improvisation in role-playing. Some are likable to the point of (your) pain and suffering, like Dilara Tilki, and some – like Rade Tesla, the infamous cousin of famous inventor Nikola Tesla – are the apprentices of pain or self-destruction. Some are the embodiment of integrity and dignity like Turkish captain Asker Uznoglu. And yet, whether they are top spooks or assassins, sneaky or upfront aggressive, seductive, or rumored to have near-occult powers, all these PCs have two things in common. First, they came to Arcadia Tenebra to disentangle the series of murders that threatens to destabilize the entire region and plunge several mighty empires into war. And most of them are not happy to be here, at least not most of the time. Second, they are all antiheroes.
That’s it.
Anyway, who wants to play another knight-in-shiny-armor who saves the world in the end – AGAIN???
Well, we certainly don’t. 🙂
If you loved Vanessa Ives, Rustin “Rust” Cohle, Lorraine Broughton, Rorcharch, Rick Deckard, or Lisbeth Salander, to name a few, and secretly wanted to be more like them… Arcadia Tenebra welcomes you!