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Riccardo Morin

Riccardo Morin playable character in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Riccardo Morin

Riccardo Morin is one of the playable characters you can choose to play with. If you love to play strong and intelligent characters, skillful with knives and guns – Riccardo is the right choice for you. Although, it’s possible that you’ll  find some of his other personal traits not so attractive, but… hey! No one’s perfect… 😉

Riccardo Morin is young, strong, skilful, intelligent, aggressive and prone to alcohol.

He is of Slavic origins but carries Italian name as a result of forceful Italianization of his birth island of Susak, in the north Adriatic Sea. That’s why he hates Venetians and glorifies Viennese.

He is extremely skillful with knives and guns. During close combat, he enjoys keeping constant eye contact with his opponents.

Due to his sharp perception and terrifying deductive skills, Locals regards him as a sort of supernatural being from whom no secret can be hidden. Many Locals can’t stand looking at his eyes for long. Add his aggressiveness, and you’ll guess why few people like him. Riccardo couldn’t care less. He only relishes in things that amuse his hyperfast mind or those things he can drown his mind in. Like booze. Or rough sex in Brothel.

special abilities


You are a brilliant young special imperial investigator, fresh from the Imperial Military Academy. After just several months of serving in Fiume, you have been transferred. Not to Vienna, but to Arcadia. It’s rather obvious you screwed up big time, but you don’t speak about it. Your arrogance equals your intelligence. As to empathy, it visits you occasionally, mostly when it’s totally inadequate. You’re lucky there aren’t many drugs in Arcadia, a fact which you amply compensate by wasting huge amounts of alcohol in Wolf’s Head and Hotel’s bar.

Starting statistics

POWER:                15
CHARISMA           12
ATTACK:                 2 (+1 guns/knives)
DAMAGE:                1 (+1 guns/knives)


You are tall and athletic, with an olive complexion, dark hair, and even darker eyes. Your strong jaw is impeccably shaved at all times. You are 24 years old and bursting with strength, energy and vitality. Also, you are rather resistant to pain. You’re fast and skilled with guns and knives, preferring the latter. Your dark gaze is well paired with your generally dangerous look. If you haven’t become a policeman, chances are that you’d make an outstanding criminal.


You are impertinent, cheeky, rude, persistent, overbold and steadfast. You often exert unnecessary force, especially when questioning a suspect. A taciturn, keen observer with a brilliant mind, capable of smelling lie, fear, and insecurity in people. Occasionally prone to bursts of black humour. Being aware that you treat women as objects, you prefer spending time with prostitutes. You love being addicted, mostly to alcohol, in large amounts.


You were raised as a Catholic on the island of Susak near Fiume. Soon enough, you realized that prayers are useless and embraced the rational and scientific worldview. No wonder you despise clergy and your traditional upbringing. A rationalist, you believe in the almighty powers of reason and science. For you, everything else is mere superstition.

Player board