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If you love to play strong and intelligent characters, skillful with knives and guns – Riccardo Morin is the right choice for you. Although, you may find some of his other personal traits not so attractive, but… hey! Nobody’s perfect… 😉

Riccardo Morin is young, strong, skillful, intelligent, aggressive and prone to alcohol.

He is of Slavic origins, but carries an Italian name as a result of the forceful Italianization of his birth island of Susak, in the north Adriatic Sea. That’s also the reason behind his hate for Venetians and his reverence for Vienna.

Morin is extremely skillful with knives and guns. During close combat, he enjoys keeping constant eye contact with his opponents. Due to his sharp perception and terrifying deductive skills that enable him to see everyone’s secrets, Locals think he has some sort of weird superpower. Many Arcadians can’t stand looking at his eyes for long. Add his aggressiveness, and you’ll guess why few people like him. Riccardo couldn’t care less. He only relishes in things that amuse his hyper-fast mind or those things he can drown his mind in. Like booze. Or rough sex in Brothel.

Here are some facts about Morin that can’t be found on his Player Board. Riccardo was born exactly 28 before the events in Arcadia Tenebra take place. With both parents deceased and his only surviving relative being an 89 years old aunt, who also happens to be a nun, he was soon sent to Catholic Seminary, only to be thrown out on the grounds of blasphemy. He then went to enroll at the Imperial Military Academy in Vienna. The military environment suited Morin much, much more than the religious cloisters. He became champion of Imperial Cadets Pentathlon three years in a row. His stellar academic record was marred only by a few reprimands for the brazen conduct, which didn’t stop him from running a fast career track and becoming the youngest special imperial investigator in Vienna ever. Until – under unclear circumstances – he broke the engagement with a certain general’s daughter, and was instantly demoted and transferred to Arcadia Tenebra as a police investigator. However, Locals claim they have seen him around before, when he used to make maps for the Imperial Army, in a company of a fearsome-looking guy with Moorish tattoos.