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Dear Backer,

This one is for you.

As the real-time witness and the kind supporter of our Free Arcadia movement during which we, the Playable Characters, took over the Kickstarter campaign, you might want to learn a bit more about our homeland that thrives between worlds and is brimming with stories.

We are glad to say that our tumultuous rebellion drew much attention throughout The Dual Monarchy. The news has spread all the way to the Imperial Capital, as you will learn from this Special Edition of Wiener Südkurier.

Inside you will find opinions of some famous people. Really famous, not like our Creators. You will also meet several of our comrades, Playable and Non-playable Characters, and see what they have been doing before the Free Arcadia campaign. We are glad to say that everything you’ll read here is true! 

Besides, perhaps you  – just like us – have fervent love for quirky ideas and new stories, a yearning that can never be quenched. As one of our Non-playable characters, inventor Nikola Tesla said: “With ideas it is like with dizzy heights you climb: At first they cause you discomfort and you are anxious to get down, distrustful of your own powers; but soon the remoteness of the turmoil of life and the inspiring influence of the altitude calm your blood; your step gets firm and sure and you begin to look for dizzier height. “

Yours truly,

Playable Characters of Arcadia Tenebra

Feel free to download: WIENER-SUDKURIER.PDF