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Happiness is a warm flint gun!

Flint weapon in Arcadia Tenebra RPG board game

Happiness is a warm flint gun!

Like every true adventurer, you are surely asking yourself: “Is there any decent weapon in Arcadia Tenebra that I can find/steal/purchase/rip from stiff dead fingers of my defeated enemies/etc…?”

Well, to be completely honest, OF COURSE THERE IS!!!

Arcadia Tenebra is full of various weapons that will satisfy your appetite for skull crushing, stabbing, piercing, smashing, cutting, holing, frying and even emotionally hurting anyone foolish enough to stand on your noble way of stopping the insane murderer. Yeah, that’s right! Since your goal is so sublime, you are free to crush, kill and destroy anyone.

Now, isn’t that beautiful?

Types of weapons

There are different types of weapons in Arcadia Tenebra, like rifles, knives, guns, swords, hand-to-hand, certain blunt and even some flexible weapons. Over 40 different weapons are scattered throughout Arcadia Tenebra and may be obtained in various ways such as through looting, trading or doing favours to non-playable characters. Some of those weapons are Special, some are regular Luckies, some are Unluckies and some are even prototypes. Tesla’s prototypes. And some of them go as far as irreversibly changing your playable character, if and when used in synergy with another specific apparel, trinket or trait. So, be careful what you use and wield your weapon responsibly!

Handiness in Combat

Sure, you will look awesome (and fearsome!) when you tuck some weapon under your belt or casually hang it over your shoulder when strolling down the main street. Fashion and appearance aside, weapons are actually quite useful in Combat too! For instance: you may deal extra damage, or may become more likely to hit your opponents, or you may even have more attacks per round. Having weapons is essential in Arcadia Tenebra – as its perils are numerous.

Weapon specialization

Every playable character has his or her own weapon specialization, that is marked at the end of the attack and damage bar. In example below, Riccardo is proficient with Guns and Knives:

When you equip your playable character with a weapon type that he or she is proficient with, you will deal additional damage (+1 DMG) and you will have an additional attack per combat round (+1 ATT). That is very important and you should pay attention as to what kind of weapon your character is proficient with. This can definitely increase your chances of survival.

Types of damage

If not stated otherwise, weapons deal physical damage. However, that is not true for all the weapons in Arcadia Tenebra. Besides the basic or physical damage, there are five different types of damage your weapon can inflict: fire/heat, cold, poison, electrical and emotional damage. Some Creatures (especially creatures Across the Border!) have weaknesses against certain types of damage. If you wield a weapon that deals such a type of damage, those Creatures will suffer from the additional damage – dealt by you, of course – as stated on the particular Creature’s card. For example:

Veelas have weakness regarding the poison damage (+1 DMG). So, if you attack them with Whistle staff which deals poison damage, Veelas will suffer additional damage which equals their weakness. In this case, you are dealing one extra damage. So, when you hit Veelas with Whistle staff, you will deal in total +3 DMG to Veelas, atop of your current base damage capacity. You may think: “One additional damage per hit isn’t much!” Well, don’t be so sure. Since you have never been in Arcadia Tenebra before, trust us when we say that in Arcadia Tenebra each and every point of damage counts.  😉